Office of Student Affairs - About


According to our school motto, the goal of Student Affairs Divisions is to assist students to not only develop their special domains, but also spread the principles of democracy throughout the campus in order to enhance the wisdom and efforts of everyone. Concrete actions of this sort include the generalization of counseling work, cultivation of students' leadership ability, cultural knowledge and concept of cooperation. Furthermore, efforts are made to enhance their identification with the school, family and country. They are to develop wholesome habits, reinforce daily hygiene, and strengthen their physical health as well. We make concerted efforts to highlight school education, family education and social education. We aim to make those who receive our education train their virtues, develop their sense of cooperation, improve their physical health, promote their sense of aesthetics, and enrich their knowledge. Thus they can become people of sound mind ad body. The special features of each section of our division are as follows:

Division  of  Extracurricular  Activities

The Office of Extracurricular Activities is responsible for the affairs of student clubs and scholarships. There are over fifty different kinds of student clubs, including artistic and literary clubs, sports clubs, clubs of computer science, service clubs, recreational clubs, music clubs, dancing clubs, etc. There clubs often hold various activities during each semester. They are very popular with students and have received great honors from the Ministry of Education over many years.

Every year the Institute awards scholarships totaling twenty million dollars to encourage excellent students in their studies, as well as to help those students from poor families to continue their student. If students have any financial difficulties, the Institute also offers student loans and grants. Students can also get part-time jobs at school so that they can earn their own living and complete their studies.

Division  of  Student  Guidance

This section provides services relating to student life, guidance and counseling. By the careful selection of counseling teachers, we encourage good communication between counseling teachers and students. We expect to help some students alter their erroneous deviated beliefs and behavior for the better.

a. Guidance for student life

As a rule, counseling teachers often contact parents. A key function of our guidance services is monitoring student attendance; if a student sips classes for 10 hours, we will inform his/her parents of the situation.

b. Dormitory and school bus service

The Institute owns student dormitories to offer accommodation of students living away from home. Each dormitory is assigned a military training instructor who takes charge of the students' security, lodging affairs and guidance. As for transportation, nearly 20 school buses, running from chia-I to Kaohsiung, provide students shuttle services to school.

c. Counseling Services

Whenever a student commits an error, we aim to guide and assist he/her with counseling rather than punishment. This service also aims to reduce the incidence of undesirable behavior, whereupon the rate of student misconduct declines appreciably. The fact that our campus is located in Yenshui, Tainan County is to the advantage of proper student behavior since we're relatively removed from the distractions of metropolitan life. Our school is highly suitable for those who are determined and inclined to diligent study.


Division  of  Hygiene  and  Health  Service

The Division of Hygiene and Health Services manages school hygiene and student health services. It provides limited health care services, including regular student health examination, maintains student medical records, and suggests special medical treatment for students who need particular attention. We aim to help our students develop their physical health to optimal standards.

The Student  Counseling  Center

The main work of the Student Counseling Center is to provide living and psychological counseling services for all of our students, including the disabled. Students with learning problems, emotional distress, interpersonal relationship problems, adaptability difficulties, etc. are offered professional assistance in the center. In order to assist these students effectively, thirty-two counselors are on duty to offer prompt and professional services to our students.

Division of Student Guidance

a. The division provides services relating to student life, guidance and counseling. By the good interaction of counseling teachers and students, we expect to help students improve their erroneous deviated beliefs and behaviors.  

b. If a student skips classes for 5 hours, the division will inform his/her parents immediately. Counseling teachers also will contact them from time to time.    

c. The school offer sufficient accommodation for those students living away from home. For each dormitory, a military training instructor is assigned to take charge of students' security, lodging affairs and guidance. Moreover, the school also provides commuters transportation service: school buses running from Chia-I to Kaohsiung areas.                         

d. Whenever a student commits an error, we hope to guide and assist him/her with counseling rather than punishment. The aim of counseling service is to reduce the incidence of undesirable behaviors, whereupon the rate of students' misconduct declines appreciably.

Division  of  Physical  Education  Office

    • According to our school's goal of education, we design teaching programs for physical education and sports activities with a budget planned every year.                             

      b. The curriculums of teaching programs include athletics, aerobics, dance, tennis, basketball, volleyball, golf, table tennis and etc. Students can select those interested classes to develop a life-time sporting habit.   

      c. Most teaching staffs of our school are excellent national champions. They will encourage sport spirit and enhance the levels of teaching programs.

The Service Education Center

    • The center is in charge of planning, management and development of civil education, labor exercise and community service.                                       

      b. The center will motivate students to be modern citizens of caring community, and fulfilling life goals.