College Life Guidance Section


The main duties of the College Life Guidance Section are to assist students in cultivating good life habits and a strong moral character, maintain the quality of campus life and student safety and develop an outstanding campus environment.

Service items:

1. Student rewards and punishment

2. Student discipline

3. Student requests for leave

4. Campus safety

5. Educational programs—anti-smoking, anti-drugs, anti-drinking, anti-betel nut chewing and anti-AIDS campaigns

6. Traffic safety education

7. Character-building educational programs

8. Gender equality educational programs

9. Lost and found

10. University, college and department-level student-teacher discussions and weekly meetings and activities

11. Volunteer training and commendations

12. On- and off-campus housing safety, guidance and monitoring

13. Planning of freshman orientation workshops

14. Applications for military service delays and exemptions

15. Alternative servicemen applications and guidance

16. Campus event workers

17. Assist in the organization of university celebrations

18. Human rights education

29. International student safety and life guidance and related services